Neurological Disorders

What Are the Symptoms? How is it Treated?

Having a comprehensive understanding of the disorder is the first step in determining if our plan is right for you.

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Neurological Disorder Symptoms

Neurological disorders can present in a number of different ways, but they typically affect body movement and senses. Symptoms might appear as weakness or paralysis, abnormal movement and walking problems, loss of balance, difficulty swallowing, seizures or loss of consciousness. You might also experience numbness, speech problems, vision problems and hearing problems. We can help people living with Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, Autism and more.

In many cases, these symptoms present suddenly after a period of increased stress, such as an emotional or physical trauma. However, they’re also common in cases where the brain’s normal function is disrupted at a cellular level. Risk factors include neurological diseases such as epilepsy or migraines, mental health conditions such as anxiety or personality disorders and genetics.

Every cell in your body is replaced every 4-7 years, including brain cells. However, as your brain has a smaller supply of stem cells than other parts of the body, it will always try to repair them first. The brain is also unique in that, unlike other parts of the body, it doesn’t make energy. It consumes it.

This is why it’s critical to assess and address your energy debt. When the brain runs into problems, it reduces the flow of energy to other parts of the body to preserve itself. Finding the cause is critical.

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Alzheimer’s Disease

Neurological Disorder Treatment

Dr. Rob became interested in neurological disorders when he studied a technique called quantum neurology. It’s an advanced nerve rehabilitation program that helps practitioners evaluate nerves, identify issues and essentially turn nerves on and off to help the brain recognize and fix the problem.

“To give you an example, someone might do physical therapy to strengthen their arms, which might include bicep curls,” he says. “Or we could increase the activity of that nerve to strengthen the arm. We have tools and techniques to improve the way the nervous system responds.”

The technique changed the way he thought about the nervous system and it offered a range of new treatments to help get the body’s neurological systems working together and firing properly.

“Most of the time, these symptoms are tied together. They’re not separate problems.”

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Robert DeMartino, D.C., and how he developed an interest in using functional medicine to treat neurological disorders, please click here.

Our Method Isn’t for Everyone

Superior Health Solutions uses cutting-edge technology, including lasers and light therapy, to treat neurological disorders. We’re interested in finding and treating the issues causing your symptoms.

Neurological disorders are complex. If the root cause isn’t an easily-identifiable problem like a tumor, a lesion or a broken bone, you may be told nothing can be done. We don’t accept that.

· Have you been diagnosed with an neurological disorder or disease?

· Have your doctors told you that your condition will never improve?

· Have you reached the point where you’re open to new ideas?

Our approach is outside the box. Perhaps your brain needs different stimulation. Perhaps one part of your nervous system needs to be turned on or off. We’re not interested in mitigating the problem, we’re interested in fixing your brain and the way it communicates with the rest of your body.

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Who's behind it all?

“Through all these things, I found my calling and purpose. To make sure that people who are suffering with a chronic disease, even if they were told there were no options, know that there are things they can do to improve and reclaim their health.”

-Dr. Robert DeMartino, D.C.