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Do You Look at a Pastry and Gain a Pound?

Ideal Health has helped hundreds of clients shed excess weight through lifestyle modification.

We use a unique three-step method called Ideal Protein to help our clients achieve incredible results. Most importantly, we help them develop healthy lifestyles that will keep the weight off.

It’s a medically-designed and professionally-supervised ketogenic weight-loss method. When your body gets into ketosis, you’ll find your hunger and cravings disappear as your energy level increases.

We see women lose 2-5 lbs per week on average, while men lose 3-7 lbs per week on average, if they follow our protocol to the letter, without any deviations. The results are incredible.

Lose Fat Safely and Keep It Off Forever

· Are you aged 18-75?

· Are you hoping to lose 25-30 lbs or more?

· Have you struggled to lose weight in the past?

· Are you ready to commit to achieving your weight loss goals?

Ideal Protein was specifically designed to help people with metabolic syndrome. Common symptoms include pre-diabetes or diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and abdominal obesity.

If that sounds like you, come to our seminar and hear what we have to say.

What We Offer

· Weekly 1-on-1 health coaching

· Weekly body composition analysis

· Personalized macro plan once you reach your goal weight

How to Attend

We encourage you to RSVP, but it is not required. You can attend the seminar conveniently online. We’ll talk you through our method and explain how the Ideal Protein Protocol can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Our program is intensive, but it delivers results. We specialize in helping people who have tried lots of different diets and fitness trends and found that nothing has worked for them in the past.


Need more convincing? Here’s what our clients say:

“What surprised me most is that I was losing weight AND enjoying the food I was eating. I wasn’t restricting myself to boring grilled chicken and broccoli every night. This protocol had so many diverse foods and drinks that I loved, and I even found Ideal Protein meal recipes to make my meals interesting and flavorful.”

-Haley Simmang lost 49 lbs.

“I’m proud that I committed to my amazing transformation because I proved to myself that, YES I CAN do this. The health benefits and results are fantastic, and that just means I’m gonna be around a whole lot longer… thank you!”

-Emma Roberts lost 40 lbs.

“I have soooooo much more living to do. I want to make a difference and help people see what an amazing life you can have during and after Ideal Protein. We are all worth the time and effort.”

-Kristine Taylor lost 112 lbs.


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